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    you know what, Prince 😂

    I love him

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    She ain’t real yall shanellbklyn

    Shut up I knew you were going to make a spectacle out of this lmao tumblr did it to a bunch of ppl even thatdudeemu

    The couple that denies together lie together

  • She ain’t real yall shanellbklyn

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    You make me softer…

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    Self Portrait
    Shot and edited by @photofelli
    #photosbyfelli #photofelli #photography #support #localart #art #artist #artistlife #adventures #portrait #nyc #brooklyn #selflove #poc #wombman

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    Just in time for the season change, thanks babe

    That thar is my handy work

  • I am she & she is me & this pretty much sums up your 20s

    • Father : You know someday you're going to become an adult.
    • 7 year old girl : An adult? Ok. But I can still be a kid?
    • Father : Umm well no being an adult means you're no longer a child...
    • Girl : ok I can be an adult but also a kid.
    • Father : ummm ok yea
    • Girl : An adult is just the biggest kid that you can be ever right?
    • Father : Not quite, no.
    • Girl : Than I will just be the biggest kid I can be.
    • Father : oh yea?
    • Girl : Yes. 19 is the biggest kid you can be ever. I'll be 19.
    • Father : Actually 17 is the biggest kid you can be. Once you turn 18 you are an adult.
    • Girl : 17?
    • Father : Yes at 18 you have to start paying your own bills.
    • Girl : I don't want to pay my own bills!
    • Father : You have to take care of your own clothes.
    • Girl : *alarmed scream*
    • Girl : no no no no no no no NO!
    • Girl : wait, what did you say? What does that mean?
    • Father : you have to start washing your own clothes because you're an adult.
    • Girl : *screams bloody muder*
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    14 hours later, we have conquered Magic Kingdom.

  • I was in disney from 830 am till 1130 pm.



  • Tryna eat before we head off to Platform 9 3/4s to ride the Hogwarts express.


  • The Walking Dead haunted house is so good. It’s like being in the middle of the show. Like the farm, the camp, the jail, terminus, everything!