low key & in my lane.
  • And right where they part
    A river flows, inviting
    you to indulge me…

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  • did i mention

    that you are

    so incredibly beautiful

    mesmerized by daydreams

    of getting next to you

    slowly undressing you

    softly caressing you

    sharing my best with you

    not speaking of sexual

    but sensual

    im just so into you….

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  • I lust for your words
    Wanting to speak to your body
    Writing on the lines of your frame
    Riding on the waves of your brain
    I want to illustrate your thoughts
    I want to fill your depths
    & Feel your breaths
    Listening to your spirit
    Declare how you’re mine
    Leaving my signature
    On your figure
    I want to devour your time
    Turn minutes into hours
    I want to touch your dreams….

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  • body of elegance

    move with intelligence

    let your presence

    testify to your blessings

    & not collapse

    in the wake of

    the weight of

    your stresses…

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  • darling

    you’re a rose

    consider my body your garden.

    just plant yourself

    right into me.

    just find your place

    take from me what it is you need.

    dont worry

    this soil ain’t never dry…

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  • i want to taste your misgivings

    to savor your heartaches

    to consume your disappointments

    to indulge in your shame

    give it all to me.

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  • "Converse with me
    Immerse in me
    Nurse in me
    With the eloquence
    Of emotion…"
    myself; from a poem titled “Speak”
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